– I Know –

“Am I too far?
Am I too far from love?
Cause dreaming of you will never be enough
I like to think ’bout what it could be
Caught slippin’ away from reality
God damn, baby I want you
But you made it so clear that you don’t want to
Admitting the truth because I have to
I hang on to thoughts of you
I can’t erase
And knowing they won’t come true
I cannot face
Baby I know”
Lyrics from “I Know” by Pearl

- I Know -.jpgPose is Pose #38 by M I L A p o s e s

Top is Hoodie Sweat – Maria (With HUD) by [TCoD]
Belleza, Maitreya, Slink

Short is Miaka Short by [R3volt]
5 Classic sizes // Maitreya, SLink, TMP with HUD

Sneakers are Kendra Sneakers (With HUD) by Illi @ MeshBody Addict
Belleza, Maitreya, Slink & TMP

Necklace is Diamond Cross Necklace by CNZ
black, Gold & Silver

Tattoo is Asa by Arabic Tattoos
Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, TMP // Classic tattoo Layers

Lipgloss is QueenBee Gloss (CATWA & Omega) by [MJN]

- I Know - details.jpg

Nails are Missy Nails with HUD for VA Bento Hands by Merlific @ Suicide Dollz

Left eye is Macabre eyes – white & right eye is Reel eyes – bluegray by Az Design
Mesh eyes & CATWA Appliers

Piercing lips is [Alegra] V01 & rings are [Kiss my Ass] (Group Gift) by CODE-5

Hair is Khloe Hair – Ombre by RAMA SALON @ Tres Chic

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya with Vista Bento Hands by Vista Animations
Mesh head is Catya Head (Bento) by CATWA with Zarina C56 by Unbra

- I Know - portrait.jpg

– Tu n’es pas un ange –

“Moralisateur, tu me joues la pudeur
Tu me jettes la pierre et ton air est mauvais
Si je te fais peur, sache que je n’ai pas peur
De salir ta conscience immaculée
On est deux joueurs à ce jeu de menteurs
Si je suis la reine t’es pas qu’un simple valet
Et sous ta candeur, moi, je vois des erreurs
Que je vais sans peine, devant toi, déballer
Hey, t’es pas un ange, hey
T’arranges la vérité”
Lyrics from “T’es pas un ange” by Madame Monsieur

- T'es pas un  ange -.jpgPoses & stairs from Stairs by BellePoses @ Suicide dollz

Sweat & pant from Charlie Remix with HUD by Enelya’s Creations
5 classic sizes // Maitreya & Slink Hourglass

Tattoo is Arrows by Arabic Tattoos @ 2nd Level Event (Feb 10th to 28th)
Belleza, Maitreya, TMP & Omega Appliers // Classic Layers

Sneakers are Lee Sneakers with HUD by [TCOD]
For Men & Female Slink Feet

Nail Polish is Etched Hearted by Dark Passions – Koffin Nails  @ Bodyfy (Close Feb. 24th)
Slink, Maitreya & Omega appliers

- T'es pas un  ange - back.jpg

Eyeshadow is passion Eyeshadow – grey by Blasphemic @ TWE12VE (Open Feb 12th)
Catwa, Omega appliers // Classic Layers available
Blue, brown, green , grey, nude, olive, pink, purple & red

Eyes are Reel Eyes – Gray & brown by Az Design
Catwa eyes & Mesh eyes

Piercings are Belly Piercing & Basic Lips piercing with HUD by PUNCH

Hair is Frenchie Redux – Coffees by HOMAGE With Frenchie Hairbase by Unorthodox

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya
Mesh head is Catya Head (Bento) by CATWA
with Zendaya Skin – Brownie by [TheSkinnery] @ TCF

- T'es pas un  ange - portrait.jpg

– A Lie –

“Bound, though you are free
To do what you want
It’ll be just fine and i know it
I love you
I know we’ll speak
It’s only a matter of time
Couldn’t hate you forever
You know it”
Lyrics from “A Lie” by Kelela

a-liePose from Dana Pose set by Verocity

Bodysuit is Rubber Feel Body – Lou with HUD by [TCOD]
For Maitreya

@Premium Only Event – Winter 2016
Fur is Fur with Pearls Necklace with HUD by Insomnia Store
male version available
Choker is Velvet Bow Choker with HUD by Kitty’s Claws
Eyes are Ygrey Eyes – Grey by <Out of Orbit>
Mesh & classic eyes // Omega & Genesis appliers
Nails are Winter by IP Nails
Slink, Belleza, Maitreya & Omega appliers

Tattoo is Magnifique by U-Design
Belleza, Maitreya, Omega & Slink Appliers // Classic Tattoo layer

Piercing is Sucked with HUD by PUNCH

Hair is Cinnamon – Variety by Truth Hair

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya
Mesh head is Catya Head (Bento) by CATWA with Safora skin – Sienna by L’Etre
Eyes & lips make up from Naked by [MJN]

- A Lie - portrait.jpg

– Fantaisie d’hiver –

“Le nez rouge, la face blême,
Sur un pupitre de glaçons,
L’Hiver exécute son thème
Dans le quatuor des saisons.

Il chante d’une voix peu sûre
Des airs vieillot et chevrotants;
Son pied glacé bat la mesure
Et la semelle en même temps;

Et comme Haendel, dont la perruqye
Perdait sa farine en tremblant,
Il fait envoler de sa nuque
La neige qui la poudre à blanc.”
“Fantaisie d’hiver” by Théophile Gautier

fantaisie-dhiverPose from Simple Thing Set by Serendipity @ 2ndLevel
3 poses in the set

Sweater is Naughty Mittens Sweater by #bubble
5 classic sizes // Slink, Maitreya
Gray, Green or Red

Skirt is Mini Skirt Lilibeth by *Impulse Modern*
Maitreya, Slink, Belleza with HUD

Boots are Snow boots – black & Gazebo is Winter Gazebo (with snow)
by Poisoned Diamond @ Winter Trend
Boots : black, blue, lime, peach, pink, purple & red // Gazebo available without snow
- Fantaisie d'Hiver - gazebo.jpg

Earmuffs are Hollow Earmuffs clean – black
by Merlific @ Winter’s Hollow ( Dec. 16th to Jan 3rd)
Clean or Bloody // Black, gold or silver spikes for each one

@ Premium Only event – Winter 2016 (Opening Dec. 17th)
Scarf is winter scarf (gacha) & Bear bag is Yule Bear Backpack – black (gacha) by Solstice
Scarf : 11 commons & 2 rares
Bear Backpack : 9 commons & 2 rares

- Fantaisie d'Hiver - details.jpg

Gloves are Winter Glover – Callie with HUD by [TCOD]

Tattoo is Fences – Black by [White Widow] @ Peace on Hearth 9 – Hunt (Close Dec. 31th)
Omega, Belleza,Eve,SKing, Slink, TMP & Maitreya Appliers
Classic Tattoo Layers & a white version

Piercing is Basic Lips peircings with HUD by PUNCH

Hair is FHH109 – Chestnut by booN

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya
Mesh head is Catya Head (Bento) by CATWA with Safora skin – Sienna by L’Etre
Eyes are Hypnotic Eyes – Hazel by Avi-Glam
Liner is Yrenea Eyeliner by Suicidal Unborn

Decoration is Neverending Winter Garden Skybox by Irrisitible
A post will come soon for Irrisistible winter & Xmas Decorations

- Fantaisie d'Hiver - portrait.jpg

– Love will tell us where to go –

“[…]Take on teh world
Let’s go crazy
Love will tell us where to go
I’ll be your girl, be my baby
Love will tell us where to go[…]”
Lyrics from “Love will tell us where to go” by Bridgit Mendler

- Love will tell us where to go -.jpgPoses from Laura pose pack by { Speakeasy }

Sweater is Chill Mode Sweater – red & Jumpsuit is Chill Mode Jumpsuit by Envious Desires @ ELITE Event (Close Nov. 18th)
Sweater : 5 classic sizes, Slink, belleza // Jumpsuit : Omega & TMP Appliers & Cloth layers

Boots are Zaria Punk Ankle Boots (With HUD) by [MODA]

Nail polish is Harlequin’s Desiresby Dark Passions @ SCALA Freakshow (close Nov. 13th)
Maitreya, slink, omega appliers

Scarf is Scarf jewelry Paola – black by [TCOD]
Available black, blue, green, brown & salmon

- Love will tell us where to go - details.jpg

piercing are Nose ring with HUD by PUNCH

Tattoo is Habibi – Henna by Arabic Tattoos
Available black, henna & white
Belleza, maitreya, omega, slink // Tattoos layers available too

Hair is Joy Hair – Ombres & Roots by [Runaway]

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya
Mesh head is Ashanty Head by CATWA with Mykaila – caramel by Meghindo’s 

- Love will tell us where to go - portrait.jpg

– The one that never comes – @ La Vie

“[…]Please don’t tell me you love me
Cause I wouldn’t know what to do with myself
Please don’t tell me you falling
Cause I’ve been waiting, waiting, waiting
For the love, you never came.
Cause wouldn’t know what to do with my self
Please don’t tell me you love me
Cause I’ve been waiting
For the one who never comes. […]”
Lyrics from “The one that never comes” by ASA

- The One that never comes -.jpgPose from Kate set by RK Poses

Top is Talisa Shirt with HUD by Chemical Princess @ Dressing Room (Close Nov. 14th)
Slink, Maitreya, Belleza

Jeans is Real worn out jeans – black by Addams
5 classic sizes // Maitreya, Slink, belleza

Nail polish is I believe by Dark Passions @ Nowhere
Maitreya, slink, omega appliers

Sneakers are Sneakers Ankle – Laetitia with HUD by [TCOD]
Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, TMP

piercing are Helixed & basic lip piercings with HUD by PUNCH


Tattoo is Shona – black by Arabic Tattoos
Available black, henna & white
Belleza, maitreya, omega, slink // Tattoos layers available too

Hair is Lionhearted – Chapter III : Magic by + Spellbound +

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya
Mesh head is Ashanty Head by CATWA with Celine skin – Ebony by [TheSkinnery]
Eyes are Nova Eyes by Suicidal Unborn
Eyeshadow is Glamour Smokey Eye by [MJN]

- The One that never comes - portrait.jpg

– Wicked Witch of Wonder – @ Crimson Shadows Haunted Castel

“[…]How could a woman said
With innocence and beauty too
Take the soul of a poor young boy
When she said I do?
He said (3)
I’ll tell you a little story bout the Wicked Witch of Wonder
Hell! No! Don’t let her take my soul[…]”
Lyrics from “Wicked Witch of Wonder” by The Ugly Kings

- Wicked Witch of Wonder -.jpgPoses Hazel Poses with Broom by *Ty’d and True*

Dress, hat & boots from Outfit Halloween Witch Helenna by Impulse Modern

Gloves are Black widow gloves – black by Blasphemic
Tattoo layer // Omega applier

Bag is Eye Bag with HUD by Sinful Sky @ Bloody Horror Fair (Close Nov. 10th)

Cat is Hug Cat – Black (Gacha Common) by [TCOD]
5 common & one rare (white)

- Wicked Witch of Wonder - details.jpg

piercing are Pentacle & basic lip piercings with HUD by PUNCH

Tattoo is Nephilim by Endless Pain Tattoos
@ Premium Only Event – Supernatural (Close Nov. 2nd)
Slink, omega, TMP, Belleza & Maitreya appliers // Tattoo layer

Hair is CAFE B by Exxess

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya
Mesh head is Ashanty Head by CATWA with Safora skin – Sienna by L’etre
Eyes are Seirzun Eyes (Mesh Eyes) by :Conviction:
Eyeshadow is Adria eyeshadow by VileCult
Lipstick is Liv lips by Eclare

- Wicked Witch of Wonder - portrait.jpg

– Need U – @ Foggy Swamp Sim

“[…]Cause no matter when, no matter how
You know I need you
I need you right now
Cause history grows, no matter who knows
You know I nee dyou
And that’s how it goes[…]”
Lyrics from “Need U” by JMSN

- Need U -.jpgPoses from Let me look set by Serendipity @ Pose Lover & friends event (Oct. 14th to 30th)

Bra & panties from Ela Lingerie by Sinful Sky @ Anybody Event (Oct. 7th to 31th)
Slink physiqe & hourglass

Boots are Steampunk Spikes Boot by [TCOD]
For Belleza, Maitreya & Slink physique & hourglass // One classic version

Strech are Triple Stretch – Red (Gacha Rare) by Merlific @ Suicide Dollz
5 commons // 3 rares

Face Tattoo is Star Tattoo – black by Chemical Princess @ Bodyfy
Omega applier & tattoo layer // A tintable version available

- Need U - details.jpg

@ The Nightmare Event (Close Oct. 31th)
Collar is Valentine Thorns Roses by Sinful Sky
Nail polish is Triskaidekaphobia 13 by Dark Passion 

Piercing is Basic Lip piercing & nose ring with HUD by PUNCH

Tattoo is Doom by Arabic Tattoos
Slink, belleza, maitreya & omega appliers // tattoo layers

Hair is HYM015 – brown (without hairbase) by *booN

Mesh Body is Mesh Body Hourglass with Casual hands & High feet by Slink
Mesh head is Ashanty Head by CATWA with Safora Skin – Sienna by L’Etre
Eyes are Mesh eyes with HUD by Catwa
Eyeliner is Alex Eyeliner applier (Omega) by Izzie’s

- Need U - portrait.jpg

– Elle me saoule – @ Ironwood Hills

“[…]chaque fois que j’en rajoute elle n’en a rien a foutre et rien ne la dégoute
maintenant je trace ma route mes menaces sont trop courtes
je sais que j’suis pas cool mais cette petite me saoule
il m’faut de l’alcool ou j’vais dev’nir maboule[…]”
Lyrics from “Elle me saoule” by Singuila


Spike pose is Drunk 1 by Verocity & Missy’s pose is wishes 3 by Serendipity
@ Pose lover & Friends Event (close sept.25th)

Dress is Latex Dress – black by Chemical Princess @ Suicide Dollz (Begin Sept. 25th)
For Slink physique & hourglass, TMP & Tonic Curvy & Fine
Available black, blue, pink, purple, red & white

Panties is Bele Panties by Chemical Princess
Omega & slink appliers

Heels are Mya – Black for Maitreya by [TCOD]

Piercing is Smug [Metal/oil] by :HV:

- Elle me saoule - details.jpg

Top tattoo is Tattoo Octopus by Broken Doll
Tattoo layer, belleza, Maitreya, slink & Omega Appliers

Hair is Frenchie Redux – Coffee by HOMAGE

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya
Mesh head is Ashanty Head by CATWA with Celine skin – brownie by [Theskinnery]
Eyes are Elysian Eyes – Charcoal by Avi-glam
Eyeshadow is Morning after by Vilecult
Lipstick is Liv lips by Eclare

- Elle me saoule - Spike.jpgSpike’s Credits :
Pants : Johny Casuel pants – black by //Ascend// | Boots : Doc Martens boots by ROC | Necklace : ReVoX unleashed necklace & Watch : Raven Watch & bracelets – black by RealEvil Industries | Tattoos : Belly november Rain & Sleeves Malicious by TAOX | Hair : Maarten – black by MINA

– Sad Clown –

“Mesdames Messieurs, c’est moi l’Clown Triste
J’suis dans la matrice, ça vient des tripes, le flow n’est pas factice
J’ai toujours l’sourire, ça cache les soucis
Y’a pas d’sous, j’fronce les sourcils quand toi tu penses au suicide[…]
Un Clown Triste, d’la folie j’en porte les symptômes[…]”
Lyric from the song “Clown Triste” by Nessbeal

- Sad Clown -.jpg

Pose is sweet suffering 3 by Serendipity @ Pose Lover & Friends Event (Sept. 9th to 25th)

Top is Flavia Top – Black by Blasphemic
5 classic sizes // maitreya, Slink, Belleza
Available black, Babygirl, blue, nude, pink, purple, red, white

Stocking is Milady stocking by CNZ @ Designer Circle 138th (Close Sept. 17th)
Layers // Omega & maitreya appliers

Eyes are Creature Eyes – shining by CNZ @ Be Beauty Event (Close Sept. 27th)
Mesh eyes with textures HUD & resize & bright HUD eyes

Boots are Boot women – circular saw blade by [TCOD]

Face makeup is Paint Tattoo black/white by Chemical Princess
Tattoo Layer // Omega applier // available in Color & black/white

- Sad Clown - details.jpg

Collar is Metal choker from I ❤ Metal set by [QE]
Piercing is impale with HUD by PUNCH

Tattoo is Hallucinations by Arabic Tattoos
Tattoo layer & belleza, maitreya & omega applier

Hair is FHH109 by *booN with hairbasse from Focus – coffees by Homage

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya
Mesh head is Cindy Head by CATWA with Celine Skin – brownie by [TheSkinnery]

- Sad Clown - portrait.jpg