– so smile –

“Smile, the worst is yet to come
We’ll be lucky if we ever see the sun
Got nowhere to go, we could be here for a while
But the future is forgiven, so smile
We’re trying so hard to get it all right
But only feel lonely at the end of the night
And I wanna be somewhere away from this place
Yeah, somewhere just a little closer to grace”
Lyrics from “Smile” by Mikky Ekko

so-smilePoses from Ivy set by Verocity

Dress & Boots from Harness mini dress Paris with HUD by Impulse Modern
Dress : Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, TMP // 5 classic sizes
Boots : Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, TMP // 1 Fitmesh version

Eyeshadow & face tattoo from Blessed Makeup Tintable
by *Merlific* @ Skin Fair (Open March 6th)
Makeup for Catwa Mesh Head

Tattoo is Dragoline / unisex by Arabic Tattoos @ MH Unique Design (Close March 22nd)
Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, Signature, Slink & TMP Appliers // Classic layers

- so smile - details.jpg

Eyes are Reel eyes – Gold by Az Design
Mesh eyes & Catwa applier

Piercings are Corrupt, Basic Lips Piercing & Belly piercing with HUD By Punch

Hair is Reina – The Blend by little bones.

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya with Vista Bento Hands by Vista Animations
Mesh head is Catya Head (Bento) by CATWA with Zarina C56 by Unbra
Lipstick is Urban Girl Fatpack by [MJN]
Omega & Catwa

- so smile - portrait.jpg

– Used to Love You –

“I wonder if you think about me
Now that you’re out there on your own
You made it seem so easy
I wanna be just like you
I wonder if your heart is healing
You’re going out so often now
I see the boys are helping you out
Are they just like you?”
Lyrics from “Used to Love you” by Yuna

- Used to Love You -.jpgPoses from Ivy Pose set by Verocity

Top & skirt from Top India Outfit by Impulse Modern
Belleza, Eve, Slink, Maitreya & TMP with HUD

Tattoo is Disclosure by White Widow
Belleza, Eve, Maitreya, Omage, Sking, Slink & TMP Appliers
Tattoo Layers for Classic Body

Nail polish is Hypnotic Hearts by Dark Passions for XOXO Hunt (Until Feb 25th)
Slink, Maitreya & Omega appliers
This event is more like a game. You have one chance per day to win the prize by saying XOXO in general chat. You can also just buy the gift for 50L if your luck runs out.
Game rules can be found here
You can play the game at Dark Passions and get the HUD for the rest of the stores in XOXO by touching the info sign beside the vendor. You can also get the game HUD on MP for Free:

Eyes are Reel eyes – Bluegray (Right) & Gray(Left) by Az Design
Mesh eyes & Catwa applier

Piercings are Basic Lips Piercing & Belly piercing with HUD By Punch

Hair is Indica – Dip Dye by MINA @ Hairology (Close Feb 28th)

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya with Vista Bento Hands by Vista Animations
Mesh head is Catya Head (Bento) by CATWA with Zendaya Skin – Brownie by [TheSkinnery]

- Used to Love You - Portrait.jpg

– Cruel Intentions –

“At the end of the day, I just want some attention
With all this empty space, we’ve got such cruel intentions
Cruel intentions
Cruel intentions
I’m going back in
I made my fair share of mistakes
I’ve had my fair share of bad breaks
I met the real, I met the fake
Started to learn how much time it takes, yeah”
Lyrics from “Cruel Intentions” by JMSN

- Cruel Intentions -.jpgPoses from Lucy Pose set by Verocity

Skirt is Skirt Athena by Impulse Modern @ 2nd Level Event (Close Feb 28th)
Belleza, Slink, Maitreya, Eve, TMP with HUD

Heels are Kandy Heel by [T666C]
Maitreya, Belleza & Slink with HUD

Tattoo is doom tattoo by Arabic Tattoos @ The Avenue (Close Feb 20th)
Belleza, Maitreya & Omega appliers // Classic Tattoo Layers

Piercings are Basic Lip Piercings & Belly piercing with HUD by PUNCH

- Cruel Intentions - details.jpg

Choker is Three Hearts Choker & Bracelets are Munssy Set by [Zoom] @ Fetish Fair 2017

Hair is Lionhearted – Chapter III : Magic @ Spellbound

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya
Mesh head is Catya Head (Bento) by CATWA
with Zendaya Skin – Brownie by [TheSkinnery] @ TCF
Eyes are Reel Eyes – BlueGray (left) & Grey (Right) by Az Design
Catwa applier & Mesh eyes
Eyeshadow is Adria Eyeshadow by VileCult

- Cruel Intentions - portrait.jpg

– Darker Than Blood –

“Don’t you hold your breath
Cause I’m not coming down
The battlefields have left me only scars
I’m floating in the dark
I’m swimming in the sound
Of voices that should never been apart
Darker than the blood
Higher than the sun
This is not the end
You are not the only one”
Lyrics from “Darker Than Blood” by Steve Aoki

- Darker Than Blood -.jpgPose is from Kristi Pose set by Verocity

Jumpsuit is Adeline Harness Jumpsuit by Impulse Modern
Slink, Maitreya, Belleza with HUD

Stretchs cheek are Bloody Valentine Stretch with HUD by Merlific @ Bodyfy (Open Feb 8th)

Tattoo is Flow me – unisex by Arabic Tattoos @ Square1 Event (Feb 1st to 20th)
Belleza, Maitreya & Omega Appliers // Tattoo layer

Eyes are Demon Eyes – Demon Circles by Az Design
Mesh eyes & Catwa applier

- Darker Than Blood - tattoo.jpgPose from Pensive… pack by Serendipity @ Roulette Event (Close Feb. )

Piercings is Impale with HUD By Punch

Hair is The Steffi Hair – Color Fades by .Olive.

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya
Mesh head is Catya Head (Bento) by CATWA with Safora skin – Sienna by L’Etre
Blood is Bloody face Tattoo applier, Eyeliner from lipstick & Eyeliner applier
& Lashes is Moi Lashes [All CATWA Appliers] by .euphoric

- Darker Than Blood - portrait.jpg

– Breathe Me –

“Ouch, I have lost myself again
Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found,
Yeah, I think that I might break
Lost myself again and I feel unsafe
Be my friend
Hold me, wrap me up
Unfold me
I am small and needy
Warm me up
And breathe me”
Lyrics from “Breathe Me ” by Sia

- Breathe Me -.jpgPose from drunk pose set by Verocity

Top & Jacket are Jacket & bra Luisana with HUD for the bra by Impulse Modern
Bra : Belleza, Maitreya, Slink & Werewolf // Jacket : 5 classic sizes, Slink physique

Boots are Brigitte Quilted Low Boots with HUD by Illi @ Tres Chic
Belleza, Maitreya, TMP, Slink // One unrigged version

Jeans is Jeans Susan – Black by Blasphemic
Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, Slink & TMP

Eye is Realistic eyes – Turquoise & Green by Az Design
Available Mesh Eyes & Catwa Applier

By Punch :
Belly Piercing // Lips piercings Impale & Mini Disc Belly Chain

Hair is No_FICTION – Pack of Browns by no_match @ Hairology (Close Jan 30th)

Mesh Body is Mesh Body Physique by Slink
Mesh head is Catya Head (Bento) by CATWA with Safora skin – Sienna by L’Etre
Eyeshadow is Morning After (Catwa & Omega appliers) by VileCult
Lipstick is Boho Princess by [MJN]

- Breathe Me - portrait.jpg


“What happened to the things I wanted?
I wonder every day
What do I do if every place is haunted
With the ghost of my mistakes?
And all I do is on delay?
This what I’m thinkin’ about
What happened to the things I wanted?
It’s a lost cause
See, a legend might live forever without livin’ at all
First you’re here and there and then you’re gone
You know that it’s your right to be wrong”
Lyrics from “Delay” by JMSN

- DELAY -.jpgPoses from #36 by MILA.POSE

Dress is Dress Pretty by Impulse Modern
Slink, Maitreya, Belleza with HUD

Shoes are Emma shoes by Merlific @ Suicide Dollz (Close Feb. 3rd)
Belleza, Slink, Maitreya, Tonic

Earrings are Precious Flowers Earrings with HUD by CNZ for Sixty Linden (Finish Jan. 26th)

Tattoo is Mand Full Body by Arabic Tattoos
Belleza, Maitreya & Omega Appliers // Classic tattoo Layer

- DELAY - details.jpg

Right eye is Macabre eye – White & Left eye is Realistic Eyes – Sea by Az Design
Available Mesh Eyes & Catwa Applier

Piercing Tri Spike Septum by Punch

Hair is Earth – Brown (Gacha) by Besom @ Epiphany Gacha Event

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya
Mesh head is Catya Head (Bento) by CATWA with Shai Skin – Caramel by {Meghindo’s}


– Best Of Me –

“Tryna Let you know just how I really Feel about ya
Cuz since I met you i dont Think i wanna live without ya
You keep me laughing baby girl its just something about ya
That makes me feel like you are special
and Evertime I see your face I crack a smile
You warm me up inside and Baby I’m So happy Now,
Whenever You Call, i Blush just like a little child.
Could it be that I am fallin’ for you
Passion, and Romance, The chemistry When we Hold hands
Your L.O.V.E. has gotten the Best Of Me.”
Lyrics from “Best Of Me” by TSoul  

- Best Of Me -.jpgPose from PRegnant (or not pregnant) by Pic-L-art’s 

Top & short from Outfit Ashli by Impulse Modern
Top with HUD // Maitreya, Belleza, Slink & Werewolf
Short Omega applier // green, black, light blue, pink, red, white & yellow

Sneakers are Melanie Sneakers with HUD by Illi
For Belleza, Maitreya, Classic, TMP & Slink Feet

Top Tattoo is Crazy war & Legs tattoo is art legs by Arabic Tattoos
Belleza, Maitreya & Omega appliers // Classic tattoo layer

- Best Of Me - jacket.jpgJacket is Cropped Open Front Hoodie Canabis by D.Lux
5 classic sizes // Slink & Maitreya

Piercings are Basic Lips Piercings & belly Piercings with HUD by PUNCH

Hair is Tesla Hair & Cap – Black by Beusy

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya
Mesh head is Catya Head (Bento) by CATWA with Wendi 07 Amber by Amara Beauty
Eyes are from Nahmere Eyes Blind & Nova Eyes by Suicidal Unborn
Lip Gloss is Catwa Applier – Lip Gloss 1-9 Styles by Arte

- Best Of Me - portrait.jpg

– Fantaisie d’hiver –

“Le nez rouge, la face blême,
Sur un pupitre de glaçons,
L’Hiver exécute son thème
Dans le quatuor des saisons.

Il chante d’une voix peu sûre
Des airs vieillot et chevrotants;
Son pied glacé bat la mesure
Et la semelle en même temps;

Et comme Haendel, dont la perruqye
Perdait sa farine en tremblant,
Il fait envoler de sa nuque
La neige qui la poudre à blanc.”
“Fantaisie d’hiver” by Théophile Gautier

fantaisie-dhiverPose from Simple Thing Set by Serendipity @ 2ndLevel
3 poses in the set

Sweater is Naughty Mittens Sweater by #bubble
5 classic sizes // Slink, Maitreya
Gray, Green or Red

Skirt is Mini Skirt Lilibeth by *Impulse Modern*
Maitreya, Slink, Belleza with HUD

Boots are Snow boots – black & Gazebo is Winter Gazebo (with snow)
by Poisoned Diamond @ Winter Trend
Boots : black, blue, lime, peach, pink, purple & red // Gazebo available without snow
- Fantaisie d'Hiver - gazebo.jpg

Earmuffs are Hollow Earmuffs clean – black
by Merlific @ Winter’s Hollow ( Dec. 16th to Jan 3rd)
Clean or Bloody // Black, gold or silver spikes for each one

@ Premium Only event – Winter 2016 (Opening Dec. 17th)
Scarf is winter scarf (gacha) & Bear bag is Yule Bear Backpack – black (gacha) by Solstice
Scarf : 11 commons & 2 rares
Bear Backpack : 9 commons & 2 rares

- Fantaisie d'Hiver - details.jpg

Gloves are Winter Glover – Callie with HUD by [TCOD]

Tattoo is Fences – Black by [White Widow] @ Peace on Hearth 9 – Hunt (Close Dec. 31th)
Omega, Belleza,Eve,SKing, Slink, TMP & Maitreya Appliers
Classic Tattoo Layers & a white version

Piercing is Basic Lips peircings with HUD by PUNCH

Hair is FHH109 – Chestnut by booN

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya
Mesh head is Catya Head (Bento) by CATWA with Safora skin – Sienna by L’Etre
Eyes are Hypnotic Eyes – Hazel by Avi-Glam
Liner is Yrenea Eyeliner by Suicidal Unborn

Decoration is Neverending Winter Garden Skybox by Irrisitible
A post will come soon for Irrisistible winter & Xmas Decorations

- Fantaisie d'Hiver - portrait.jpg

– Heartlines –

“[…]We could fool the datelines
We could jump the statelines
I don’t wanna always play nice
But I wanna feel your heartlines
I’ll pick you up at midnight
We’ll run to beat the sunlight
We only get the one life
And I wanna feel your heartlines
I wanna feel your heart[…]”
Lyrics from “Heartlines” by Broods

- Heartlines -.jpgPose from Alyssa Pose set by Verocity

Top is Renatta top & capri is Sabrina Capri (both with HUD) by Impulse Modern
COmpatible slink physique & hourglass & Maitreya

Shoes are Wendy MID wedges by Illi @ Très Chic (Open Nov. 17th)
Belleza, Slink , Maitreya, TMP Feet // an Unrigged version available too

Nail polish is Let’s Dance by Dark Passions @ Genre (Nov. 15th to Dec. 11th)
Maitreya, slink, omega appliers

- Heartlines - details.jpgPoses from Lean II Pack by aDORKable

Tattoo is Freedom by FADE2BLACK
Belleza & Omega Appliers

Glasses are Idris Glasses – black by Toro.
With clear, black & green lens

piercing are Nose ring & Basic Lips peircings with HUD by PUNCH

Hair is Antisocialite – Angst // Chapter III : Magic (Gacha) by +Spellbound+

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya
Mesh head is Catya Head (Bento) by CATWA with Safora Skin – Sienna by L’Etre
Left eye from Nova Eyes & right from Phantom eyes V.2 by Suicidal Unrborn
Liner from black liner pack & lipstick from Boho Princess pack by [MJN]

Pose is One Kiss V1 by CNZ @ EVA Sale Room (Close Nov. 27th)

- Heartlines - Us.jpg

– Wicked Witch of Wonder – @ Crimson Shadows Haunted Castel

“[…]How could a woman said
With innocence and beauty too
Take the soul of a poor young boy
When she said I do?
He said (3)
I’ll tell you a little story bout the Wicked Witch of Wonder
Hell! No! Don’t let her take my soul[…]”
Lyrics from “Wicked Witch of Wonder” by The Ugly Kings

- Wicked Witch of Wonder -.jpgPoses Hazel Poses with Broom by *Ty’d and True*

Dress, hat & boots from Outfit Halloween Witch Helenna by Impulse Modern

Gloves are Black widow gloves – black by Blasphemic
Tattoo layer // Omega applier

Bag is Eye Bag with HUD by Sinful Sky @ Bloody Horror Fair (Close Nov. 10th)

Cat is Hug Cat – Black (Gacha Common) by [TCOD]
5 common & one rare (white)

- Wicked Witch of Wonder - details.jpg

piercing are Pentacle & basic lip piercings with HUD by PUNCH

Tattoo is Nephilim by Endless Pain Tattoos
@ Premium Only Event – Supernatural (Close Nov. 2nd)
Slink, omega, TMP, Belleza & Maitreya appliers // Tattoo layer

Hair is CAFE B by Exxess

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya
Mesh head is Ashanty Head by CATWA with Safora skin – Sienna by L’etre
Eyes are Seirzun Eyes (Mesh Eyes) by :Conviction:
Eyeshadow is Adria eyeshadow by VileCult
Lipstick is Liv lips by Eclare

- Wicked Witch of Wonder - portrait.jpg