– Mon Adam –

“All your obsessions are haunting me
The walls are closing in, possessing me
Holding my desire in your hands
Raise the fire storm, unveil your plans yeah
So pick that apple from a tree, damn you look so sweet
Do you want it?
Yeah I want it
Your poison’s taking over me, swiftly gives me sweet release”
Lyrics from “Adam & Eve” by Izzi Bizu

- Mon Adam -.jpgPose from Tombe la neige by Pic-L-Art’s

Body, Garter & crown from Eve Tentation by Irrisistible @ SWANK (Start March 7th)
Maitreya, Belleza, Slink with HUD for flowers

Face tattoo is Cute Tattoo – Heart by CNZ for Sixty Linden WE
Cute Tattoo Addon AD.png

Eyeshadow is Ikko II by White Widow @ ON9 (Start March 9th)
Catwa, Eve, Genesis Lab, Lelutka, Omega appliers

Body Tattoo is Wonder – black
by White Widow @ The Liaison Collaborative (Start March 7th)
Adam, Belleza, Eve, Maitreya, Sking, Slink, TMP APlliers
Black, Red, White

Eyes are Misitic Eyes – Green by Az Design
Mesh eyes & Catwa applier

Hair is Xia – Variety by Truth Hair

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya with Vista Bento Hands by Vista Animations
Mesh head is Catya Head (Bento) by CATWA with Zarina C56 by Unbra
Lipstick is Urban Girl Fatpack by [MJN]
Omega & Catwa

- Mon Adam - details.jpg


– Le Soleil donne –

“Tape sur nos systèmes, l’envie que tout le monde s’aime
Le soleil donne
Ce vieux désir super qu’on s’rait tous un peu frères, le soleil donne
Le soleil donne de l’or intelligent
Le soleil donne la même couleur aux gens
La même couleur aux gens, gentiment”
Lyrics from “Le soleil donne” by Laurent Voulzy

- Le Soleil Donne -.jpg

Outfit by Irrisistible (Gacha)
Common : Bra + Flowers – black / Panties + flowers – black / Dress + Flowers – Black
Rare : Hat with HUD


Dress & Panties : Mesh for Maitreya, Belleza
Bra : Appliers for Maitreya & Belleza

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya with Vista Bento Hands by Vista Animations
Mesh head is Catya Head (Bento) by CATWA
with Zendaya Skin – Brownie by [TheSkinnery]
Lipstick is Lip Cream – CATWA by Pukka

- Le Soleil Donne - dress.jpg

– The Red Queen Effect –

“Bow for your queen
She’s a craze and a sight to be seen
And she’s been here before
Broken hearts bleeding red on the floor
She is a hunter and she doesn’t pray
She will easily throw you away
She’s a howl and a scream
All the roses are red in her dream
You better paint them red
You’ll lose your head
She’s as cruel as cruelty can get”
Lyrics from “The Red Queen Effect” by Navarone

- Queen of Heart . Blind Love -.jpg

This is a special post for this amazing Queen of Heart outfit by IrrISIStible (Isis SecretSpy).
In this outfit included : Body Applier / Belleza, Maitreya, Slink & Omega
Mesh Short Skirt
Sleeves : 5 classic sizes / Slink version
Mesh Necklace : 5 classic sizes
Collar, Crown, Scepter
5 classic sizes for Mesh Long Skirt with a transparent skirt with cards (not wearing)

- Queen of Heart . Blind Love - portrait.jpg

I don’t try to make something like the real Red Quen but a Sexy, Cruel,Dangerous Queen.
I hope you will like my vision. Kiss ♥


– Winter Queen –

“I’m not running away
I will feel the pain and stay
I’m not running again
Even though I’m scared, baby
And I won’t freeze you out
Like I have been
I won’t freeze you out
I’m gonna let you in
And I won’t freeze you out
Like I have been
I won’t freeze you out
My heart is melting
Lyrics from “Freeze You Out” by Sia

winter-queenPose from Marion pose set by Verocity

@ Premium Only event – Winter 2016 (Opening Dec. 17th)
Dress is Deianira Dress – Winter Queen with HUD by .Viki.
Belleza, Maitreya, Slink & TMP // One fitted version for classic body
Earrings & nose stud from Wint’ry Court Snow Queen by Ashbourne & Co.

Headdress is Winter Queen Headdress by SinfulSky @ Winter Trend

- Winter Queen - details.jpgDeer with poses is My Deer by Pic-L-Art’s @ SWANK Event
- Winter Queen - bonus.jpg

Tattoo is Aloft – Women by [White Widow] @ MadPea XMas Calendar (Dec. 1st to 25th)
Omega, Belleza,Eve,SKing, Slink, TMP & Maitreya Appliers
Classic Tattoo Layers available // A Male version available too

Bodysuit is 063 bodysuit by Baii Maii
A leather version & a lace version available
HUD only for lace version // Belleza, Slink, Maitreya

Piercing is Basic Lips peircings with HUD by PUNCH

Hair is In my mind – HUD 04 by Magika

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya
Mesh head is Catya Head (Bento) by CATWA with Celine skin – Ebony by TheSkinnery
Eyes are Frost Eyes (Mesh eyes & Catwa Applier) by GK
Eyeshadow is Soft Shimmer Eyeshadows (For Catwa) by Izzie’s
lashes & blush from Winter days lashes & blush set (for CATWA) by [POUT!]

Decoration is Neverending Winter Garden Skybog by Irrisistible
A post will come soon for Irrisistible winter & Xmas Decorations

- Winter Queen - portrait.jpg

– The Fight –

“[…]We made it through the darkness to the light
Uh huh we fought
But still we won the fight
Oh yes, we stand to gain love
A fantasy for you and me
A beauty light and reality
No need to feel
The proof that something
For all of it is love and harmony  […]”
Lyrics from “The Fight” by Sia

- FIne China -.jpgPose from Dance… by Serendipity

Dress, shoes, Tiara, necklace & Fans from Bangkok Queen Outfit by Irrisistible
HUD for dress, shoes & tiara // black, gold & white fans // black & or white shoes

Bra is Gaia Top Bra & panties is Allday Paties by Blasphemic
5 Classic sizes // Maitreya, slink // With HUD

- FIne China - details.jpgLeft pose from Dance… by Serendipity
Right pose from Katana female by Black Cats Poses

- FIne China - tattoo.jpgTattoo is Devotion by *U-Design* (New Sponsor)
Slink, belleza, maitreya & omega appliers
Tattoo layers available

Piercing are Nose ring & Basic Lips peircings with HUD by PUNCH

Hair is ILA344 – Chestnut by *Boon*

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya
Mesh head is Catya Head (Bento) by CATWA with Safora Skin – Sienna by L’Etre
Eyes are Phantom eyes V.2 by Suicidal Unborn

- FIne China - portrait.jpg

ғew dayѕ вeғore cнrιѕтмaѕ

Few days before christmas2.jpg

ғυll ѕcene (wιтнoυт cнrιѕтмaѕ тree & тeddy вearѕ) are ѕnow ĸιѕѕ вy coмe ѕoon @ preмιυм only evenт – wιnтer

cнrιѕтмaѕ тree ιѕ мeѕн cнrιѕтмaѕ тree тradιтιonnal вy ιrrιѕιѕтιвle

тop ιѕ – ғeмale х-мaѕ ѕнιrт – darleĸ вy вlaѕpнeмιc

leggιng ιѕ cecιle – ѕтιrrυp leggιngѕ – wнιтe вy { vιvι }
layerѕ ғor claѕѕιc вody & applιer ғor varιoυѕ мeѕн вody

вooтѕ are ѕυede ғrιnged вooтѕ вy ::roc::
ғor ѕlιnĸ, тмp & claѕѕιc ғeeт wιтн color conтrol нυd

тeddy вearѕ are мeѕн тeddy deer[2 нold opтιon]* вy vιpѕ creaтιonѕ
teddy bears

cιgareттe ιѕ тιp cιgareттe – neхтgen вy [nιĸoтιn]
cιgareттe paттern ιѕ leaғ green (gacнa) вy [nιĸoтιn] @ тнe cнapтer ғoυr

pιercιngѕ are noѕejoв [100 вlocĸ ιnĸ/oιl] вy :нv:нeвenon vιal

нaιr ιѕ cнιlly – cнapтer ι – earтн // paѕтelѕ вy +ѕpellвoυnd+
@ тнe arcade υnтιl dec. 31ѕт

ѕĸιn ιѕ ѕĸιn хanιa c35 вy :::υnвra:::
eyeѕ ιѕ ιммorтal eyeѕ – wιgнт вy ιĸon
нandѕ вy ѕlιnĸ
вody мeѕн lara мeѕн вody вy мaιтreya

Few days before christmas.jpg

aυтυмn ιѕ нere @ japan тeмpυra

Autumn is here @ Japan Tempura
poѕe ιѕ naoмι 5 вy .вodιly. poѕeѕ
dreѕѕ, нead вrancн нaт & necĸlace ғroм aυтυмn goddeѕѕ вy ιrrιѕιѕтιвle
вangleѕ ғroм nυвιa jewelѕ вy lυaѕ
eyeѕнadow ιѕ arcтιa gold w/eyeѕнadowѕ вy [wнιтe~wιdow]
lιpѕтιcĸ ιѕ lιgнт lιpѕтιcĸѕ – pacĸ orange & yellow – orange 2
вy ғrencн vιnтage coυтυre
тaттoo ιѕ тaттoo & applιerѕ – ѕaved – aυтυмnѕ leaveѕ вy тaoх
нaιr ιѕ ғelιcιтy – gιngerѕ вy тrυтн нaιr
eyeѕ ιѕ тrιυмpн eyeѕ – oaĸ вy ιĸon
earѕ are υnιѕeх ѕтeĸιng_earѕ_ѕeaѕon 5 вy [мandala]
ѕĸιn ιѕ ѕĸιn хanιa c35 вy :::υnвra:::
нandѕ (caѕυal) вy ѕlιnĸ

Autumn is here @ Japan Tempura (portrait)

dance wιтн тнe deaтн

Dance with the Death 4

 poѕe ιѕ вalleт doll poѕeѕ pacĸ 1 – 3 вy ѕerenpιdιтy 

Outfit :
ѕĸιrт, corѕeт, мeѕн gloveѕ (ѕlιnĸ applιer ιnclυded), нead dreѕѕ & 2 нaιr ѕтyleѕ (нaѕн & pυrple) ғroм вoneѕ тo вe alιve вy ιrrιѕιѕтιвle

Make up :
Eyeshadows are eyeshadow – black & lιpѕтιcĸ ιѕ lιpѕтιcĸ – gloѕѕyвlacĸ by Blasphemic

Tatoo :
tatoo is inspiration (unisex) by inktruder

Body Parts :
eyeѕ are ιммorтal eyeѕ – ѕpecтre вy ιĸon

ѕĸιn ιѕ ѕĸιn хanιa c35 вy υnвra

мeѕн вody ιѕ pнyѕιqυe мeѕн вody & нandѕ are caѕυal нandѕ вy ѕlιnĸ

Dance with the Death

poѕe ιѕ вalleт doll 2 вy ѕerendιpιтy