About me & How to contact me :

 ι’м тaĸιng pιcтυreѕ ѕιnce мarcн 2014. ι ғoυnd мy ғιrѕт ѕponѕor aprιl 2015. now ι’м вlogger & ѕнop мanager ғor opopop deѕιgn вy oυrѕιneттe вrυυn & ғrencн vιnтage coυтυre вy coмeтe clary.

 ιn тнe order тo ιмprove мy вlog, ι accepт all advιceѕ тнaт мιgнт нelp мe. тнanĸ yoυ 😉

You can contact in second life, facebook, flickr or directly here on my blog.

 ιn world : laмιѕѕy973 вerмann by IM or NC 

on ғaceвooĸ : laмιѕѕy вerмann

мy ғaceвooĸ page : мιѕѕy’ѕ ғaѕнιon vιѕιon

мy ғlιcĸr : мιѕѕy’ѕ ғaѕнιon vιѕιon

вy мaιl : laмιѕѕy973@oυtlooĸ.fr 



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