– The Red Queen Effect –

“Bow for your queen
She’s a craze and a sight to be seen
And she’s been here before
Broken hearts bleeding red on the floor
She is a hunter and she doesn’t pray
She will easily throw you away
She’s a howl and a scream
All the roses are red in her dream
You better paint them red
You’ll lose your head
She’s as cruel as cruelty can get”
Lyrics from “The Red Queen Effect” by Navarone

- Queen of Heart . Blind Love -.jpg

This is a special post for this amazing Queen of Heart outfit by IrrISIStible (Isis SecretSpy).
In this outfit included : Body Applier / Belleza, Maitreya, Slink & Omega
Mesh Short Skirt
Sleeves : 5 classic sizes / Slink version
Mesh Necklace : 5 classic sizes
Collar, Crown, Scepter
5 classic sizes for Mesh Long Skirt with a transparent skirt with cards (not wearing)

- Queen of Heart . Blind Love - portrait.jpg

I don’t try to make something like the real Red Quen but a Sexy, Cruel,Dangerous Queen.
I hope you will like my vision. Kiss ♥



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