– Best Of Me –

“Tryna Let you know just how I really Feel about ya
Cuz since I met you i dont Think i wanna live without ya
You keep me laughing baby girl its just something about ya
That makes me feel like you are special
and Evertime I see your face I crack a smile
You warm me up inside and Baby I’m So happy Now,
Whenever You Call, i Blush just like a little child.
Could it be that I am fallin’ for you
Passion, and Romance, The chemistry When we Hold hands
Your L.O.V.E. has gotten the Best Of Me.”
Lyrics from “Best Of Me” by TSoul  

- Best Of Me -.jpgPose from PRegnant (or not pregnant) by Pic-L-art’s 

Top & short from Outfit Ashli by Impulse Modern
Top with HUD // Maitreya, Belleza, Slink & Werewolf
Short Omega applier // green, black, light blue, pink, red, white & yellow

Sneakers are Melanie Sneakers with HUD by Illi
For Belleza, Maitreya, Classic, TMP & Slink Feet

Top Tattoo is Crazy war & Legs tattoo is art legs by Arabic Tattoos
Belleza, Maitreya & Omega appliers // Classic tattoo layer

- Best Of Me - jacket.jpgJacket is Cropped Open Front Hoodie Canabis by D.Lux
5 classic sizes // Slink & Maitreya

Piercings are Basic Lips Piercings & belly Piercings with HUD by PUNCH

Hair is Tesla Hair & Cap – Black by Beusy

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya
Mesh head is Catya Head (Bento) by CATWA with Wendi 07 Amber by Amara Beauty
Eyes are from Nahmere Eyes Blind & Nova Eyes by Suicidal Unborn
Lip Gloss is Catwa Applier – Lip Gloss 1-9 Styles by Arte

- Best Of Me - portrait.jpg


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