– Flower –

جب تک اس محبت کا پھول نہ کھلے ؛ تب تک اس دل کو سکون نہ ملے
دل دے ہے مجھے, دل دے ہے مجھے, دل دے ہے مجھے

[English Translation:]
Until the flower of this love has blossomed
This heart won’t be at peace
Give me your heart…”
Lyrics from “INTERMISSION: fLoWer” by Zyan

- Flower -.jpgPoses from Marion Pack by Verocity @ Retro Rewind

body, socks, skirt flower et cage from Anastacia outfit – black by Si…
@ Swank Event (Begin Oct. 5th)
Available in black & white
Body & socks appliers : belleza, maitreya & omega

- Flower - portrait.jpgNails are Fall Cutout (Secret Code gift) by Dark Passion
It’s the last day to grab your gift.
How to Use The Code:
– Go to the main store
– Locate the Secret Code Vendor on the pillar near the Bargain wall.
– Say the code in general chat making sure to use the /13 as that is the chat channel the vendor listens on. If you do not it will not give you the gift.
– You should get the gift 🙂
– You may share the code with others if you wish but please don’t post the actual secret code on blogs or social media of any kind.

Boots are Monique Boots with HUD by [MODA]
Slink (physique & hourglass), Maitreya & Belleza (Venus, Isis, Freya) feet

Piercing is Basic Lip Piercing with HUD by PUNCH

Hair is SAN886 by *booN

Mesh Body is Lara Mesh body by Maitreya
Mesh head is Ashanty Head by CATWA with Celine skin – Ebony by [Theskinnery]
Eyes are Amalia Eyes – Shining by CNZ
Eyeliner is Black liner & lipstick is DayDream Lip by [MJN]
Lipstick is only available @ E L I T E Event

- Flower - back.jpg


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