– Closer –

- Closer - coυple poѕe ιѕ wolғ вy coмe ѕoon @ preмιυм ony evenт

 jed jacĸeт ιѕ arago jacĸeт вy opopop deѕιgn
ғιттed мeѕн jacĸeт // wιтн color conтrol нυd ғor тнe ѕнιrт & тнe тιe
wearιng wιтн тмp мeѕн вody

 мy dreѕѕ ιѕ ғrencн pearl dreѕѕ вy opopop deѕιgn
can вe ғoυnd @ вoѕl & @ мaιnѕтore
coмeѕ ιn 5 verѕιonѕ : rιgged ѕιzeѕ, ғιттed ѕιzeѕ, мaιтreya ѕιze, вelleza ѕιze & ѕlιnĸ ѕιze
eacн ѕĸιrт coмeѕ wιтн a нυd ғor cнange тнe color oғ тнe ѕнιrт
wearιng wιтн ѕlιnĸ мeѕн вody


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