negaтιve… poѕιтιve… we can’т вe one wιтнoυт тнe oтнer!!!

Negative... Positive...2.jpg

 poѕe ιѕ coven gιrlѕ вy glaмrυѕ

 вoтн dreѕѕeѕ ғroм хмaѕ negaтιvιтy & poѕιтιvιтy вy coven ѕpellѕ
@ ιnтernaтιonal deѕιgnerѕ eхpo
ι’м wearιng (on тнe leғт) тнe poѕιтιvιтy & мy greaт ғrιend & тнe creaтor oғ тнeѕe aweѕoмe dreѕѕeѕ, lυpιnιa ♥, ιѕ wearιng тнe negaтιvιтy dreѕѕ.

Negative... Positive...3.jpg

 ι’м wearιng тнe ѕтrιpped нeelѕ вy [jĸтrendѕ] &lυpιnιa ιѕ wearιng нeelѕ ғroм ѕnowғlaĸe oυтғιт вy coven ѕpellѕ

 мy necĸlace ιѕ υnιѕeх croѕѕ necĸlace вy  -ѕecreтѕ- & lυpιnιa’ѕ one ιѕ eмpreѕѕ necĸlace вy coven ѕpellѕ

Negative... Positive....jpg


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