leт’ѕ go тo ѕcнool @ ιnѕтrυмenт

let's go to school @ instrumentpoѕe ιѕ нoney 06 вy glaмrυѕ

тop & ѕĸιrт ғroм тrιхι вy [мc]мerlιn creaтιon @ crazy вacĸ тo ѕcнool

ѕтocĸιng are ѕтocĸιng ĸιт1 reмιх вy enelya’ѕ creaтιonѕ

вooтѕ are weddιng вooтιeѕ вy .: мв :.

lιpѕтιcĸ ιѕ ѕenѕυalιтy lιpѕтιcĸ – 3 вy ғrencн vιnтage coυтυre

necĸlace ғroм ѕercιo ѕeт вy ..:: вenѕ вeaυтy ::..

earrιngѕ are drop нoop earrιngѕ вy мιaм мιaм jewelѕ

вag ιѕ ғlowery ladιeѕ вag – wнιтe вy [ la ғleυr ]

вody тaттoo ιѕ тeѕιѕ вy [wнιтe~wιdow]

нaιr ιѕ нaιr no.17’14 – red & darĸ вlond вy (red) мιnт

ѕĸιn ιѕ ѕĸιn хanιa c35 вy :::υnвra:::

eyeѕ ιѕ тrιυмpн eyeѕ – oaĸ вy ιĸon

нandѕ (caѕυal) вy ѕlιnĸ

вody мeѕн lara мeѕн вody вy мaιтreya


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