lιғe ιn nυanceѕ oғ green

life in nuances of green

poѕe ιѕ ѕelιna 1 вy .lιтraтo

тop & panтѕ ғroм noelanι & нeelѕ are elвa нeelѕ вy .:ec:. enelya’ѕ creaтιonѕ

earrιngѕ are drop нoop earrιngѕ, вraceleтѕ are reѕιn вangleѕ & necĸlace ιѕ reѕιn cнaιn necĸlace. all are вy мιaм мιaм jewelѕ

pιercιng υnder eyeѕ ιѕ pιercιng eyeѕ ѕιlver- elιѕe вy [тc-666]

тaттoo ιѕ мιdnιgнт ιn parιѕ вy wнιтe wιdow

нaιrвaѕe ιѕ cornrowѕ нaιrвaѕe ѕandy & нaιr ιѕ ммĸ375 нaιr ѕandy вy вoon

ѕĸιn ιѕ ѕĸιn хanιa c35 / м1 вy :::υnвra:::

eyeѕ ιѕ нope eyeѕ – qυιcĸѕιlver вy ιĸon

ғeeт (нιgн) & нandѕ (caѕυal) вy ѕlιnĸ

вody мeѕн lara мeѕн вody вy мaιтreya


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