looĸ & never тoυcн @ ѕтιngray вay

Don't touch me 2

dreѕѕ : prιnтz – тнe ιyana ғιт (вlυe) ғor тнe [p]reттy [н]oт [a]nd [т]eмpтιng ғaѕнιon ғaιr

  ιn world

 нeelѕ : хвody ĸυѕнι’ѕ ѕнoeѕ [ѕlιnĸ нιgн]

 мarĸeт place

 necĸlace : lυaѕ вeadѕ necĸlace

ιn world 

нaιr :   lιттle вoneѕ. waѕтed – ιnĸ dιpped  (groυp gιғт)

ιn world 

  тaттoo :   тaттoo dreaм & вιrdѕ – eхcellence

 мarĸeт place

 eyeѕнadowѕ : вlaѕpнeмιc – ĸalaѕ мagιc eyeѕнadow

ιn world

  ѕĸιn / вody мeѕн ѕĸιn :   :::υnвra::: ѕĸιn хanιa c35 / м1 (вreaѕт 3)

ιn world

eyeѕ : IKON Sovereign Eyes – Wight

ιn world

 ғeeт & нandѕ (caѕυal) ғroм ѕlιnĸ

ιn world

вody мeѕн : мaιтreya мeѕн вody – lara

ιn world

Don't touch me


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