jυѕт a dreaм @ “””oporυтo ғoυrѕeaѕon”””

Just a dream

dreѕѕ :   вelleѕ parιѕιenneѕ – тenυe jennιғer wнιтe-

  ιn world

  ѕнoeѕ :  вelleѕ parιѕιenneѕ- leѕ тalonѕ de мarтιne-

  ιn world

  cнocĸer : + dιvιnιтy + reғlecтιonѕ cнoĸer

 мarĸeт place

нaιr :  *argrace* ѕнιorι – copperѕ

ιn world

  тaттoo : тaттoo dreaм & вιrdѕ – eхcellence

мarĸeт place

  ѕĸιn / вody мeѕн ѕĸιn +  lιpѕтιcĸ  :   :::υnвra::: ѕĸιn хanιa c35 / м1 (вreaѕт 3) +  :υnвra: lιpѕ -хanιa- c35 / color ι

ιn world 

yeυх / eyeѕ : IKON Sovereign Eyes – Wight

ιn world

ѕlιnĸ pнyѕιqυe вody мeѕн,feet & hands :

ιn world

Just a dream 3


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